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Super Image Carbonless Paper
Carbonless Paper
Impression plus,  |  Super Image
Blue / Black
Color Shade(s)
White / Pink / Yellow / Blue / Green
CB: 45/52/55/60/80
CF: 48/55/60/80
Available Specifications
Reels - Width 190mm and above
Sheets - 420*530-1420*1420mm
Super Image Carbonless Paper

Image reveals strongly under room temperature and quickly under low temperature

Environmental surface color with gentle and elegant color shade.

Micro-capsule production does not produce Formaldehyde that affects human health.

Better light resistance and anti aging properties.

100% Virgin Pulp.

Excellent stiffness and tensile strength, Applicable for printing.

ISO9001/ISO14001/OHSAS18001/PEFC/SGS Certification.

Usable for commercial Stock form, Computer form, Cash register roll, Fax paper roll, Printing forms, Invoice booklets.

Produce with high quality 100% virgin pulp;Excellent stiffness, applicable for high speed and offset printing. High efficiency.

Ningbo Fold
Ningbo Poker - C2S Playing Card Board (Black Center)
Ningbo Poker - C2S Playing Card Board

High-end board for poker, high opacity.

Optimum performance on high speed 2-sided printing process.

High ply bonding, high folding and bursting resistance.

Unique blue center for fraud-proof.


Playing card

Card games

Basis Weight g/m2 3% 270-300
Caliper m 270 15-295 15