Alchemy Performance Products (APP)

Alchemy Performance Products (APP) is a professional and reliable supplier of desiccants, oxygen absorbers and other atmosphere controlled packaging solutions with utility across a range of industries including pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and the food & beverage space.

APPSORB® Packets & Bags

APPSORB® Packets & Bags

Commonly used as primary packaging component in pharmaceutical and healthcare products for moisture control in bottles or in other packaging forms.

A cost-effective method that can be automatically inserted into products to help maintain product shelf life and efficacy by protecting from moisture degradation. Available in various sizes, detection methods, and sorbents.


APPSORB® Canisters & Capsules

Appsorb® Canisters and Capsules offer all the same benefits as drop in Packets however they do give the advantage of being able to be inserted at a much higher speed with its cylindrical shape and mechanical strength.

Available in various sizes, colours and sorbents. Customised options on request.

APPSORB® Canisters & Capsules
APPSORB Canisters
APPSORB Capsules
APPSORB® Tubes & Stoppers

APPSORB® Tubes & Stoppers

Appsorb® Tubes and Stoppers are typically used for effervescent tablets which contain a combination of active ingredients and various excipients that must remain stable until they come into contact with water.

Appsorb® tubes and stoppers are ideal packaging solutions to ensure the stability of tablets is well protected.

Available with Built-in desiccant, Tamper evidence, hinged cap options and 10-colour offset tube printing.

APPSORB Stoppers

APPSORB® O2 – Food & Pharma

Appsorb® O2 packets are used in food products for preservation of freshness, nutritional value, colour retention.

Appsorb® O2 MedShield packets are used in pharmaceutical products for prevention of microbial growth, and oxidation.

Available in various sizes and manufactured in compliance with respective industry regulatory standards for selected applications.

APPSORB O2 – Pharma


A fully bio-degradable, and household compostable desiccant made from natural bentonite clay and FSC certified Kraft paper.

Suitable for industrial applications and available in various sizes and complying with Mil Spec norms.

APPSORB® Eco Clay Supplier
APPSORB® Eco Clay Supplier In India