Aluminium Foils and Laminates

Producing finest quality Aluminium foils with best in
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Aluminium Foil For Medicine Packaging

Aluminium Blister Foils

  • Up to 6 Color Printed Aluminium Foils for packing of capsules.
  • HSL Lacquered Foils for sealing with a variety of films. HSL range 4gsm - 8g.
  • Most common foil thicknesses used 20µ/25µ/30µ.
  • Can be hard or soft tempered.
  • Advantage – Protection/Barrier Properties.
  • Structure – Overcoat 1gsm – Aluminium Foil 20 / 25 Micron – Heat Seal Lacquer 4 – 8gsm.

Aluminium Strip Foil

  • Plain and Printed Laminated Aluminum Foils for packing of tablets, capsules, etc.
  • Food Grade PE Film laminated on one side for sealing by heat process technology.
  • Manufactured in different gauges with most common being 25µ/30µ/40µ/45µ.
  • Advantages – Protection/Barrier Properties.
  • Structure – Aluminium 30/40 Micron – LDPE.
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Alu Alu Cold Forming Laminates

  • Suitable for pharmaceuticals which require high barrier application.
  • Provides additional strong barrier to UV rays, moisture & gas.
  • The laminate is especially suitable for drugs that are easily affected by humidity - adequate protection as each unit remains intact even when other units in the pack are opened.
  • Commonly Used Structure 25µ OPA/Adhesive/45µ Aluminium Foil/Adhesive/60µ PVC & 25µ OPA/Adhesive/50µ Aluminium Foil/Adhesive/60µ PVC.

Foil Laminates for effervescent tablets; Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS)

  • These laminates used for highly hygroscopic products.
  • The printed laminated structures can be supplied in roll form or pouch form / sachets in which the content is placed and sealed.
  • The typical structure consists of 7µ /9µ /12µ Aluminium Foil laminated to Paper or Film like PET, BOPP. A co-polymer sealant layer is used to laminate the structures.
Aluminium Foil Laminated
Foil Containers With Lids

Lid foil for yoghurts, mineral water, dairy products, etc

  • We manufacture a wide range of plain and printed peelable lid foils for sealing containers (PS/ PVC/PET and PP) used in packaging food, beverages and pharmaceutical products.
  • The lid foils are usually soft tempered Foils and range in thickness from 30µ - 40µ.
  • Printed on one side and with a sealant polymer film or lacquer on the other side for Sealability with the substrate.
  • The foil comes available with barrier variants to prevent contamination of the contents in the container.
  • Lidding foils are available in roll form or punched Pre-cut form.

Multilayer Flexible laminate

  • Flexible Packaging material consists of a construction of materials made from flexible substrates - The packaging consists of one printable material (PET, BOPP, Paper) a barrier layer and a sealant layer.
  • The laminated material is moisture resistant & resists contamination of filled contents.
  • The flexible packaging material can be supplied in Roll form or Pouch form.
  • These are used to pack wide range of pharma, food & consumer goods Items like Bulk drugs, pharmaceutical ORS powders & granules, Milk Powder detergents, shampoo etc.
  • PET - 10, 12 micron
  • BOPP - 15 to 30 micron.
  • Paper - Maplitho, Glassine, Kraft, C1S
  • Met PET - 10, 12 micron
  • Met BOPP- 15 to 30 micron
  • Aluminium Foil - 7 to 12 micron
  • Polyethylene based - LDPE, LLDPE
  • Metallocene LLDPE, Nylon PE, EVOH PE, MDPE, HDPE
  • Polypropelene Based - CPP
  • Heat seal Lacquer - 4gsm - 8gsm
Multi Layer Laminate