Dosage Measurements – Measuring Cups, Dropper Assembly, Dropper Bottles

Plastic Pharmaceutical Packaging

We manufacture and supply world class quality plastic packaging material manufactured with high end automation. This ensures that the products remain untouched till the packaging stage. Our sourced raw materials - plastics (PE, PP, PET) are essentially food & drug approved grades which are used in manufacturing the finished specific product.

Our expertise lies in the selection of the grade of plastic used in the manufacturing of the products and the conditions of the manufacturing facilities which has to match with all internationally accepted standards.

Oral Droppers

The oral droppers - rubber dropper assembly is used for dispensing liquid medicine in a measured manner to the individual. The different components are assembled together to make a dropper assembly - rubber bung, plastic screw cap, glass/plastic pipette. We offer the finest grade rubber, glass, plastic for the assembly of the dropper unit manufactured in a clean room environment for protection from any dust or contamination.

  • Variety of sizes, colors, and styles.
  • Child resistant closures can be provided.
  • Printed or moulded graduation Lines.
  • Using Rubber & Bromo butyl rubber for bungs.
  • Can be made in Plastic pipette and glass pipette.
  • Individually sealed in pouches or bulk packing available.
Oral Dropper
Eye Drop Bottle Manufacturer

Eye/Ear Dropper Bottles (5ml, 10ml,15ml, 30ml)

  • The body of bottle and nozzle is manufactured from requisite food/pharma LDPE grade whereas the cap is manufactured using HDPE or PP Grade.
  • The manufacturing is under clean room conditions and in accordance to regulatory requirements. - Range of sizes, capacities and designs as well as tamper evident features.
  • Drop size, flow control, tamper evidence and moisture barrier features allow you to adapt the packaging to your requirements.
  • Sterilizable by Gamma or ETO Radiation.

Nasal Spray Bottles (10ml, 15ml, 20ml, 30ml)

  • Manufactured from high end virgin easy to squeeze LDPE granules
  • Manufactured using injection blow moulded process
  • Dosage System which delivers an accurate spray volume
  • The bottle is fitted with a tamper evident cap
  • Sterilizable using ETO or Gamma radiation.
Nasal Spray Bottle

Dosing Syringes


  • Customizable options are available from 1.5 mL to 10 mL dosing syringes.
  • Different translucent barrel colors to appeal to infants and children.
  • Finely calibrated markings and an easy-to-read measuring scale.
  • Smooth plunger for hassle-free sliding.
  • Reduced risk of choking by eliminating the use of silicon, rubber or latex materials.
  • Pressure and quality tested to ensure longer shelf life and durability.
  • Use of virgin plastic and pharma grade components only.
  • All ink used for printing and calibration is food grade certified.